There are several factors that can cause instability whilst towing.  Despite managing factors within your control such as correct weight distribution and loading, uncontrollable events such as large gusts of winds, a sudden turn or the passing of a large truck displacing airflow can begin dangerous trailer sway. Once trailer sway occurs the risk exponentially increases, and the potential for loss of control of both the tow vehicle and trailer becomes significant.

The Trail-Assure BG-5000 asymmetric stability control system continually monitors the caravans’ spatial coordinates, direction, and acceleration. This paired with purpose-built algorithms and check-sum calculations enable the system to immediately detect towing instabilities and perform precise corrections to resolve the issue.

The system works by applying direct current to the electro-magnetic caravan brakes, it can apply braking to individual wheels with only the exact amount of force necessary to correct the instability. This is a far more effective method compared to other ‘sway control’ systems that can only apply braking across all brakes at once. This asymmetric approach to brake control quickly corrects instability events as they occur with better precision and less impact on critical running gear, providing a safer, reliable, and stress-free towing experience.


As the system continuously monitors trailer movement, it is also able to detect when encountering rough terrain which indicates off-road towing. A pre-set algorithm determines this and will automatically disengage the system temporarily and recalculates at 5-second intervals. This function reduces unnecessary wear and tear on braking components and running gear, extending the lifespan of consumable parts.

Once the system detects it is back on the road, it will automatically re-engage. Providing a seamless off-roading experience.

Trail-Assure BG-5000 asymmetric stability control system – $2990 RRP (Suppled & Installed)

Do I Need Stability Control?

Stop the Sway – Why You May Need An Asymmetrical Stability Control System


There are a number of different reasons why your van may sway, including:

  • Incorrect weight distribution;
  • Uneven or incorrect tyre pressure;
  • Suspension problems;
  • Towing speeds (ie driving too fast downhill);
  • Side wide; 
  • Slipstreams created by larger vehicles; and
  • Adverse weather and high winds.


  • The Trail-Assure BG-5000 incorporates an asymmetric system in which it can accurately apply individual brakes compared to other sway controllers in the markets that apply brakes on both sides, which isn’t as effective. The unit automatically calculates and applies the appropriate braking solution where towing instability occurs, stabilising and controlling the direction of the trailer. This in turn results in the driver not having to intervene, providing a safer experience.
  • Trail-Assure BG-5000 functions with all major electric brake controllers providing convenience to the customer.
  • Through extensive testing and research, the Trail-Assure BG-5000 unit is fully sealed, reliable, and waterproof.
  • Actively monitors the behaviour and direction of the trailer while moving. If no movement is found after 30 minutes, the Trail-Assure BG-5000 will turn off to conserve the caravan battery. If signal is detected through the brake controller, the unit will immediately turn on.
  • Automatically disengages during off road use. If the Trail-Assure BG-5000 is experiencing rough road/off-road conditions, the unit temporarily disables for 5 seconds in intervals, preventing any unnecessary brake applications or additional unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Contains a convenient, easy to read led status and diagnostic system.
  • More effective than mechanical sway control systems